12 Reasons why Castor oil is considered the Wonder Oil by Pharmacist, Beautician, Dietician and housewives. - Quick Food Recipe

12 Reasons why Castor oil is considered the Wonder Oil by Pharmacist, Beautician, Dietician and housewives.

Healthy Benefits of Castor Oil,

Healthy Benefits of Castor Oil

Castor Oil needs no introduction. What is great about this medicinal concoction is that it is filled with Vitamin E which makes it perfect for a number of things, although taking it orally may not be one of them. It is also filled with proteins, minerals and has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that make it virtually a cure-all for anything that ails you.

Castor oil is derived from the seeds of the Ricinus communis plants that grow wild in wastelands across tropical regions. It is often grown as an ornamental garden plant in milder climates, and now cultivated on a large scale for biodiesel manufacture.

Castor oil has been around for a very long time, and has been widely used for medicinal purposes in its native lands spread across Africa, the Indian subcontinent and the Mediterranean basin. It is one of the first vegetable oils to be used for industrial purposes because of its high viscosity and lubricating property. In fact, the automotive lubricant company Castrol derives its name from castor oil.

Infamous as a laxative, many people consider castor oil a crude product. But this unique vegetable oil has so many wonderful uses that it deserves a place in every home.

1.Relieves Muscle Soreness

Castor Oil helps in Curing Muscle Soreness

Castor Oil helps in Curing Muscle Soreness

Castor oil is considered a warm oil that promotes the circulation of fluids in the body. It is excellent as massage oil, and can relieve the soreness resulting from overworking the muscles. If you have aching calf and thigh muscles after vigorous exercise or active sports practice, apply a little castor oil on the sore area and rub it in.

Castor oil is a good carrier oil for essential oils. Add a few drops of Roman chamomile oil or peppermint oil to a tablespoon of castor oil to make the massage more relaxing and healing.

2. Promotes Hair Growth

Castor Oil Helps in Hair Growth

Castor Oil Helps in Hair Growth

Massaging just any part of the body with castor oil does not result in extra hair growth, but applying it to the scalp does. The mechanism at work could be the ability of this warm oil to improve circulation.

Heat the oil until it is hot to touch, and then allow it to cool for a bit. While it is still warm, apply the oil to your scalp with your fingertips, massaging it in. If it is done every night, you will see the difference in as little as two weeks.

If you have scanty eyebrows, the oil can be applied with the tip of a cotton ear bud to the eyebrow ridge. Hair will grow denser there, and you can shape the eyebrows as usual.

3. Enhances Hair Colour

Castor oil can be used to enhance the natural color of your hair and make it look rich and thick. This oil is a humectant, locking in moisture. When applied on the hair, it preserves the moisture in the hair shaft and makes each strand thicker and darker.

After washing your hair, towel dry it. Slightly warm one tablespoon of castor oil and dip your fingers in it. Run the fingers through the hair to get the oil on to as many strands as possible. If you have long hair, divide it into sections and gently rub each section between your palms to coat all the hair strands.

4. For Healthy Nails

Castor Oil Helps in Healthy Nails

Castor Oil Helps in Healthy Nails

Massaging just a small amount of castor oil into your cuticles and on your fingernails each day for a couple of months will give you long, healthy and beautiful nails. You can also use it on your toenails so if you are already getting ready for warmer weather, now is the time to start those pedicures with castor oil.

5. Arthritis Pain Reliever

Castor Oil Helps in solving Arthritis Problem

Woman tenderly massaging her painful knee with Castor Oil

Massaging castor oil into achy joints will give you a bit of relief from the pain of arthritis. You can mix castor oil with enough turmeric or cayenne powder to make a paste and then rub it into your joints. Be sure that you don’t get this in your eyes, especially if you choose to use cayenne pepper instead of turmeric.

6. Cures Skin Problems

Use castor oil to treat acne, warts, and skin tags that seem to appear for no reason. While warts result from a viral infection, skin tags usually develop in areas where the skin gets rubbed constantly. Acne breaks out when there’s an overproduction of sebum in the skin gland, and it is often complicated by secondary microbial infections.

Apply castor oil to these ugly skin growths with a cotton swab. Most of these problems seem to get resolved with regular application for one or two weeks. The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil may be responsible for this healing effect.

7. Castor Oil as a Preservative

The anti-fungal property of castor oil has been put to good use in the food industry. Many dried grains and pulses are given a coating of the oil when they have to be stored for a long time. Castor oil also seems to repel insect pests that spoil them. A typical example is cowpea smeared with the oil. It washes off when these dry foodstuffs are soaked in water and rinsed before cooking.

If you’re hoarding survival foods for potential emergencies, you have to protect them against spoilage by microbes as well as macro pests. But you may not want to use chemical preservatives, especially if your focus has been on stocking organic products. Using castor oil may be the best option for you.

8. Remove Warts and Skin Tags

Castor oil can be used to remove unsightly warts and skin tags. You just have to apply the oil to the wart or skin tag every day for a few weeks and you should begin to see that mark disappear. Note that this will not work on moles on the skin so make sure you know what you are trying to remove before you begin using it.

9. Castor Oil as a Lubricant

Castor oil works almost as good as grease in lubricating moving parts of machines. It works equally well in high and low temperatures, and is often used in racing cars. Unlike other oils, castor oil does not spoil rubber, so it can be safely used in devices like cycle pumps that have rubber seals.

Castor oil is safe to be used on kitchen appliances that need lubrication. Use it on kitchen scissors and hand-cranked meat grinders.

10. Hemorrhoid Treatment

Castor oil works great on shrinking hemorrhoids and alleviating the pain and itching that they cause. You just have to soak a cotton ball in castor oil and then apply it to your hemorrhoids. Note that this really only works for hemorrhoids that are outside the body. Just leave the cotton ball on your hemorrhoids for about 15 minutes or so and you can do this multiple times each day if needed.

11. Insomnia Treatment

Castor Oil helps in curing Sleep Disorder

Castor Oil helps in curing Sleep Disorder

You can help to cure your sleepless nights with castor oil as well. Just rub a bit on your eyelids before you retire for the night, making sure that you don’t actually get any in your eyes. The castor oil will help to bring about a peaceful night’s sleep and you will wake up refreshed in the morning.

12. Calluses and Corn

Castor oil applied directly to the affected areas can help to relieve calluses that are caused by a number of things. You can also massage a bit of castor oil into corns to help alleviate the pain and swelling that they cause and ultimately make them disappear over time. This takes a few applications but definitely works.

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